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Taking up a franchise is becoming an increasingly popular way to start a business and with the public sector facing serious cuts, opportunities in the UK’s franchise sector look set to play a significant role in sustaining economic activity so it’s important the right finance advice is gained.

If you have concerns about not having enough cash to start, run or grow your franchise, AAG can help gain a finance solution that suits individual requirements making sure you don’t start a business on the wrong financial foot.

AAG will consider the best path to cover initial set up costs as well as enabling the company to start trading successfully as quick as possible.

The AAG team holds long term relationships with reputable finance providers to the franchise industry and typically has successful applications for funding of up to 70 per cent of the total value of franchise investment.

Putting together a winning business plan is key and it needs to answer the principals of lending, address all the underwriters questions and be within the policy parameters of the lender.

AAG has deep understanding of how underwriters work and is here to pass on its knowledge to make sure applications are successful and stress free.

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